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ourstoryIn the early 12th century, the Muldoon family of royal birth was styled kings of Lurg, a barony (a county subdivision) of County Fermanagh. In about the year 1400 the Muldoon clan in a deep seeded feud with the MacGuires was defeated in battle; a battle some say lasted weeks and was the bloodiest a battle the county had witnessed to date. The Muldoon clan continued to be of importance in Ulster, but their power bases faded away in the rest of the county. It seems that in County Claire for instance, the Muldoon’s became Malones and in County Sligo they inhabited the barony of Tireragh, by 1830 they were virtually extinct. The Muldoon surname has still some prominence in County Galway. The prefix O’ meaning ‘descendant of’ is rarely if ever found after the 18th century. Felim O’Muldoon known to his adversaries as “The Dragon”, a commander of the a commander of the Confederate army of Ireland in 1640 was killed in the battle of Dungannon. O’Muldoon was said to have fought English Parliamentarian soldiers so fiercely that he had slain half the English troops in Dungannon single handed.


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